Show HN: MonsterBreedingBattle edited by Ferratum

・Mixed and produced monsters

・Fight them against other players all over the world

and compete for ranking

It is a game that you can play casually, just repeat the above.

【Game features】

1: Game characteristics that you can be advanced crisply.

You can play in a short time.

When the battle playback speed is set to MAX,

you can finish it in less than 5 seconds.

In addition, level up and quests are unnecessary.

Even play with little gap time

you can aim for the ranking.

2: Game characteristics specialized in formulation

It is finished it in a simple shape

but the possibilities are infinite.

Not only monster table parameters,

but also including backside parameters and skills,

there is never exactly the same monster.

Also, unlike just synthesizing,

this is a system where pedigree is important.

【Other points】

・Almost no tutorial

You can enjoy mixing immediately after installation.

・ Battles can be performed quickly with the auto function.

・ If you win the opponent,

you can also be incorporated into the formulation!

・ The ranking is a class system

Even beginners can aim for higher rankings.

・ Same recipe can be repeated any number of times

So you can be formulate until satisfactory.

・ You may earn the opponent’s monster’s combination

even when your monster is challenged and wins

while you are standing.

【How to play】

① Produce monsters.

② Register the produced monster in the battle.

③Press the battle button again,

Fight against monsters produced by players nationwide.

④ If you win, the rate goes up, (it takes about 3 minutes for the result to be reflected)

when the rate goes up, fight against stronger monsters.

If you fight and win many times, the rate will rise more easily.

⑤ If you defeat a monster, you may get an SP ticket or a combination ticket of the opponent monster.

It is also possible to produce stronger monsters using the opponent monster’s combination ticket.

⑥ Challenge the battle by producing stronger monsters,

and aim for the top of the world weekly ranking.

* SP tickets may be obtained by winning battles you have challenged yourself.

(Excluding battles from the ranking screen)

“Every monster has a different personality

Monster personality, skill, ability value,

And depending on the skills you have

The behavior pattern will also change.

Your own original monster

Please make it!

Every monster has a different personality

depending on the monster’s personality, skill, ability value,

and skills it has,

the behavior pattern will also change.

Please create

your own original monster!

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