Content Writing for the Clueless: A Butt-Saving Downloadable Guide

You read about it everywhere, see tons of online ads for writing jobs doing it, and it’s all the buzz of the online-marketing world. But what is content writing, anyway? If you’re new to freelance writing, you may be baffled by all the talk about ‘content marketing.’ You hear there’s lots of opportunity for content… Continue Reading →

The Chemist’s Closed-End Fund Report December 2019: Equity CEFs Join The Party

Author’s note: This article was released to CEF/ETF Income Laboratory members on December 17, 2019. Chemist’s Closed-End Fund Report Quantitative screens help to rapidly narrow down attractive candidates from the database of 500-plus closed-end funds [CEFs] for further due diligence and investigation. Previous editions of the Report can be searched using the keyword “cefrep.” A… Continue Reading →

#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | MSU credit union warns customers of suspicious credit card activity

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A Detailed Guide on How to Start and Scale an App Business

The mobile app market is growing constantly. According to App Annie, the app store revenues will surpass $101 billion by 2020. Statista stated that 252.2 mobile apps will be downloaded by 2022, which is higher than in 2017. With these numbers, there will be more growth.Image Source: RainnewsConsidering this, many startup aspirants are willing to… Continue Reading →

7 SEO Myths that Could Limit Your Google Keyword Rankings

SEO myths and misunderstandings abound in the digital marketing world. Although a little truth may be buried in some of these misconceptions, it’s best to understand the nuances. Here’s my advice: Focus first on your users and play fair with search engines. Then you won’t need to worry whether you’ll be kicked off Google. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Dave Collum’s 2019 Year In Review: “And Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself!”, Part 2

Read Part 1 here… Contents for Part 2 Climate Change The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Thoughts on College Political Correctness–Collegiate Division Political Correctness–Adult Division Political Correctness–Youth Division Political Correctness–Corporate Division Civil Liberties Conclusion Acknowledgments Books Climate Change “I had dinner with Obama’s Secretary of Energy on Saturday night (Steven Chu). He said there are no credible… Continue Reading →