Sydney, NSW Bushfires: Tourists defy bans edited by Ferratum

Authorities have blasted the “sheer stupidity” of some people amid “catastrophic” bushfires after people were caught flying drones, lighting fires and ignoring advice. Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson slammed the use of a personal drone on Monday night after it was spotted hovering near smoke in Sydney’s North Shore.“There are no circumstances where… Continue Reading →

QLD, NSW, Sydney bushfires: More than $300,000 GoFundMe donations raised edited by Ferratum

More than $300,000 has been raised on GoFundMe to support those affected by the bushfires, but it may come as a surprise that the fundraiser drawing the most donations has nothing to do with supporting our fireys or people who have lost their homes.In the past 72 hours more than 260 bushfire campaigns have been… Continue Reading →

Sydney, Brisbane weather: Forecast for brief lull then back to scorching days edited by Ferratum

It’s been a horror run of days across Australia’s east coast with blistering temperatures and strong winds leading to scores of bushfires, tragically some fatal. Looking ahead at the weather outlook there’s some good news. But mostly it’s bad.The good news is that once the cold front works its way up the New South Wales… Continue Reading →

QLD, NSW bushfires: Climate change lesson Australia refuses to learn edited by Ferratum

Often the hardest times provoke the most difficult questions.Wars, famines, floods, fires — they threaten our lives, our homes and all we hold dear. We fight the threat, rally around our communities, pray, donate and empathise for those who are suffering.Yet in the midst of the chaos we will always ask the very human question:… Continue Reading →

QLD, NSW, Sydney bushfires: Taree couple caring for 24 koalas edited by Ferratum

Paul and Christeen McLeod are sharing their home on the New South Wales mid-north coast with 24 koalas.The couple has been running a welfare refuge for koalas in Taree since 1993 and have spent the past few days desperately trying to save as many of the marsupials as they can.As ferocious bushfires raged through their… Continue Reading →

QLD, NSW, Sydney bushfires: Couple brings home remains to protest outside parliament edited by Ferratum

All that remains of Aaron Crowe and Fiona Lee’s family home, ravaged by a ferocious bushfire on Friday, could fit inside one small red tin.Just days after losing everything, the pair and their three-year-old daughter travelled to Sydney this morning from Warrawillah, near Bobin, on the mid-north coast with that tin to make a powerful… Continue Reading →

NSW bushfires: Sydney danger hour expected to be at 6pm today edited by Ferratum

The most dangerous moment in a “catastrophic” day of fire danger could hit Sydney at an unlikely time. Sydney is set to top out at 37C today, as is Newcastle. Western Sydney could reach 38C while Wollongong will hit 36C. Taree, already scorched by deadly weekend bushfires, is also looking at 37C high.But the most… Continue Reading →

QLD, NSW, Sydney bushfires: Unprecedented danger, worse Black Saturday edited by Ferratum

Catastrophic conditions in southern Queensland and across large parts of New South Wales could be worse than those in the lead-up to the deadly Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.Experts warn the unprecedented fire danger facing many communities could result in widespread devastation and further loss of life, with the worst potentially yet to come.“This is… Continue Reading →

NSW, QLD bushfires: Barnaby Joyce blames Greens for increased fire risks edited by Ferratum

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says he was misrepresented over his comments that suggested two people who died in bushfires were “most likely people who voted for the Green party”. Mr Joyce has been slammed for the “vile” remarks made on Sky News this morning.The comments came after chief political reporter Kieran Gilbert asked Mr Joyce… Continue Reading →

National Recycling Week: Push to roll Seabins out across Australia edited by Ferratum

The co-founder of floating rubbish collector, the Seabin, is calling on the government to roll the ingenious invention out across the country.Pete Ceglinski says just as there are bins on the land, there should be bins in the water.There are now 860 Seabins in 52 countries but only 52 of those are in Australia.Each bin… Continue Reading →